Why you need design education, mentoring and consulting?



Are customers getting what they expect?  Customer complaints are opportunity to transform a problem into long-lasting customer loyalty; but it depends on how the situation is handled. You need someone from the product team to assess the situation and get to the root of the problem, quickly evaluate what can be done, and provide design options to the customer in a reasonable timeframe. Disgruntled customers can become a loyal customer in the right hands. Do you have the skills on the team to manage a situation like this?

Are sales and marketing getting a product that is competitive? Internal complaints can be challenging to deal with and resolve. Internal conflict can knock the confidence out of a development team and create animosity. You need someone to listen to the needs of the business team and assess what impact their concerns have on the current design and development program. Have you ever heard:

  • "Our products don't stack up against our competitors?"
  • "Our products aren't sexy enough."

How would you respond?

Design Risk?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Design estimation seems futile, since design activities always deliver late
  • Product teams always bicker over the design details.
  • Designers and developers should be at odds, designers should reach for the impossible and developers will deliver the possible.

Why do we have to fight?  Delivering a product is team sport. The better the team the better the product.

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