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"I've spent a lot of time over the years desperately trying to think of a 'thing' to change the world.  I now know why  the search was fruitless -- things don't change the world.  People change the world using things.  The focus must be on the 'using', not on the 'thing'. Now that I'm looking through the right end of the binoculars, I can see a lot more clearly, and there are projects and possibilities that genuinely interest me deeply."  Bret Victor

"We tend always to work, almost spontaneously I would say, in a land inhabited by desires, the desires of people, still largely undiscovered... and this, as we know, is a zone with high, extremely high, turbulence... We walk on streets that have not yet been opened, on unknown paths to reach the heart of people... We move on the enigmatic borderline between what could become real (objects really loved and owned by people) and what will never become real (objects too far from what people are ready and willing to want). This practice of the borderline is difficult and risky, and asks for awareness and commitment from each one of us, in each of our roles. Our mission is to stay as close as possible to the borderline, although we know it is not clearly drawn and that there is a risk of going beyond it... but what an emotion when with a new project we get close to it. Mass manufacturers instead keep as far as possible from the borderline because they want to avoid any risk... but in this way, slowly, they all produce the same cars and the same TVs.  Alberto Alessi