The professional world slows down for no one. In fact, the pace only grows faster, and the pressure to deliver great products continues to rise. When advances in technology present new challenges you need a design professional who can give you a winning edge. My name is Ron Gagnier and I have over 18 years of experience helping companies understand their customers and designing products that exceed expectation. 

I specialize in educating organizations how to use design strategically.  Many maturing organizations recognize the need for design but don't understand how to apply it effectively.  This can lead to frustration by designers, and disappointment by stakeholders.  I use a hands-on practical approach to demonstrate how design can be used strategically to deliver better outcomes.  I use the current challenges a team is facing to teach new techniques. This allows a team to learn while focusing on work that needs to be delivered anyway.

While other design consultants deliver timely and meaningful designs, I offer an approach that creates a winning strategy, teaches new skills and techniques that brings agility to an organization. 


Experience Design

I offer consulting, training and mentoring in experience design

Experience design is a multi-disciplinary approach to ensuring products are designed to provide value and utility along with the best experience possible.  Great experiences breed customer and brand loyalty. I've been designing software applications for medical, financial, telecommunications, and hr industries. I like tough design challenges and work to find elegance and simplicity in the thorniest problems. 

Design Strategy

I offer consulting, training, facilitation, and mentoring in design strategy.

Design is a team sport.  What I mean by team sport is the discipline of design can only be effective if everyone buys-in. From the executive stakeholder, product managers, project managers to the development team, each needs to understand the value to be delivered during a project.  Design strategy is the act of articulating that value tangibly so that customers and team may understand. 

Design 101 for Business

I offer tailored training specific to your organizational needs.

Not sure where to start? Having trouble getting the outcomes you expect?  Why not learn an approach that is proven in industry.  My active learning approach means you work on "your design problems" (not some case study); to achieve more in less time.

Design Facilitation

I offer design facilitation as a cost effective method for resolution to tough design decisions.

Do you have a challenging team with competing ideas.  Why not let an expert design facilitator organize and manage your next design project.  Guaranteed to generate the outcomes you expect in the time you can afford.


My informal speaking style means I'm engaging yet informative on all things "design".  I speak regularly on design topics throughough industry